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2016 - 2017
Round One

Saturday 5 November 2016
Baypark Family Speedway
BK Pro Dirt Series
Official Results
P = Placing    G = Grid Position
1 3 27M Chris Cowling
2 2 6B Grant Flynn
3 7 8H Craig Cardwell
4 1 5B Steve Flynn
5 10 53M Mark Hutchins
6 5 71M Russell Donovan
7 6 124M Dan Corrin
8 14 1NZ Mark Osborne
9 11 63A Nigel Mouat
10 9 42W Alan Jacob
11 12 7M Brent Emerson
12 8 12A Kristin Vermeulen
13 13 33M Paul Carter
14 4 13B Mick Quin
15 15 36A Mike Pegler
P = Placing    G = Grid Position
1 1 1NZ Mark Osborne
2 3 53M Mark Hutchins
3 7 124M Dan Corrin
4 8 92M Scott Hayward
5 4 3NZ Lance Jennings
6 6 18M Sam Waddell
7 10 9W Mark Pitcher
8 12 24A Ben Harding
9 2 95B Johnny Browne
10 5 12A Kristin Vermeulen
11 11 6B Grant Flynn
P = Placing    G = Grid Position
1 1 24A Ben Harding
2 7 18M Sam Waddell
3 3 9W Mark Pitcher
4 6 8H Craig Cardwell
5 9 3NZ Lance Jennings
6 2 63A Nigel Mouat
7 14 33M Paul Carter
8 11 36A Mike Pegler
9 5 92M Scott Hayward
10 12 5B Steve Flynn
11 10 27M Chris Cowling
12 4 42W Alan Jacob
13 8 71M Russell Donovan
P = Placing    G = Grid Position
1 4 1NZ Mark Osborne
2 1 53M Mark Hutchins
3 8 3NZ Lance Jennings
4 10 6B Grant Flynn
5 7 124M Dan Corrin
6 9 27M Chris Cowling
7 6 9W Mark Pitcher
8 5 18M Sam Waddell
9 12 63A Nigel Mouat
10 11 5B Steve Flynn
11 14 12A Kristin Vermeulen
12 15 13B Mick Quin
13 13 36A Mike Pegler
14 2 24A Ben Harding
15 3 8H Craig Cardwell
Round One Review
By Stuart Whittaker
There were extremes of luck for two drivers in the feature race of the opening round of the BK Pro Dirt Super Saloon series at Baypark Family speedway.

With 10 laps to go, pole shuffle winner Ben Harding had built up a comfortable lead and was looking odds on to take the first round win.

But then bad luck hit and a broken drive shaft saw him pull onto the infield where he cut a forlorn figure for the rest of the race.

Mark Osborne inherited the lead, and had luck of the good kind as he took the chequered flag.

"I broke a torsion arm on the cool down lap, so I was lucky," he said.

Osborne felt he was closing the gap on Harding before the 24A car pulled out.

"I was slowly reeling him in and he was losing a bit of drive, but it would have been tight," said Osborne.

In the opening heat of the night, Osborne was one of many drivers to struggle.

"I not so much missed the set up as the track was a bit wet. The car actually felt good apart from those few wet spots and I had to keep the throttle open to get it out."

Osborne said it felt awesome to win the opening round of the series.

"It's a long series and you've got to try and finish at the pointy end each round," he said.

Baypark driver Mark Hutchins (who had started on the front row alongside Harding), finished second in the feature with Auckland's Lance Jennings coming through to third after ending up at the rear of the field when he half spun on the initial start.

The opening heat of the night was won by defending champion Chris Cowling, with Osborne taking the second. Sam Waddell pushed Harding hard in the third, with Harding just pulling away in the final stages. When Cowling spun between turns three and four, the ensuing melee took him out along with Russell Donovan and Steve Flynn.

Harding was the big mover in the pole shuffle, beating Mark Pitcher, Waddell, Osborne and Hutchins on his way to putting himself on the front row.

After the first round Osborne leads the standings with 250 points, with Hutchins second on 247.

Jennings is third on 230 followed by Dan Corrin (214), Grant Flynn and Sam Waddell on 208, Chris Cowling on 202 and Mark Pitcher on 198. Craig Cardwell is on 189 with Harding rounding out the top 10 on 180 points.

For the second round, the series moves to the South Island, Woodford Glen being the venue, on November 18.
BK Pro Dirt Series
BK Pro Dirt Series
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